Muruga becomes Ajarooda

Muruga continues to be the favourite and foremost deity on

a par with Siva to many devotees because of his exceptional

beauty, intelligence, valour, and jnana. Among the many incidents described in the rich devotional literature on Muruga, the one in which Muruga accepts the goat as his mount is noteworthy for many reasons, pointed out Sri Mathivannan in a discourse.

It is said that once, Narada decided to conduct a yaga for

the welfare of mankind. The Brahmins, Indra and other celestial beings were present, and everything proceeded according to the Vedic dictates. But owing to a slip in the mantra chanting, there arose a fiery goat with a fearful form

from the Agni in the yaga. In great anger, it made a thundering noise and everyone around became frightened. It looked as if the goat wanted to punish those who performed yagas without understanding the inner meanings of the Vedas.

Narada and others were totally frightened and ran away

from the yagasala. The goat started to run amok, chasing,

hurting and killing those who came in its way. Narada

hastened to Kailasa to seek help. Seeing child Muruga on the

way, and intuitively realising that he is not a mere child, he

surrendered to him for help. He related the happenings of

the yaga and the havoc the goat had been causing. Muruga

asked Veerabahu to capture the goat. Veerabahu fearlessly

confronted the enormous form of the goat and subdued it

by literally taking it by the horns and brought it to Muruga.

Muruga told the assembly of sages and celestial beings that

since the goat was now with him, they could proceed with

the yaga and complete it. They expressed their gratitude

and prayed that Muruga accept the goat as his mount; for

seeing Muruga as Ajarooda would remind people of his

greatness and of how he can rid them of fear or distress in