Inseparable Couple

Lord Narayana and His Consort Mahalakshmi are inseparable, and it has always been so. The Goddess appeared when the milky ocean was churned. Many things appeared from the ocean and were given away. When the Goddess appeared, however, She just went up to the Lord’s chest and took up Her residence there.

So if She emerged from the ocean, and began to reside in

His chest only during His Kurma avatara, then how can we

say that the Divine Couple have always been together? What

about the time before the Kurma avatara? The Goddess appearing from the ocean is like the Lord taking many avataras, said M.A. Venkatakrishnan in a discourse.

This was just one of Her avataras. Can we say that,

because the Lord took an avatara as Rama or Krishna, He

did not exist before that? Even when He was on earth as an

avatara, He continued to remain in Sri Vaikuntha. Likewise,

although Goddess Mahalakshmi appeared from the milky

ocean, this was just a manifestation of the Goddess. It is not

as if She had not existed before that occasion. She had been

with the Lord prior to that too, and always continues to be

with Him.

There are legends that tell us about how temples came

up, and sometimes we hear of the Goddess appearing on

the earth and then marrying the Lord after some years.

Again, during this period of Her sojourn on earth, She is not

separated from Him. It is just a manifestation on earth. For

example, in the Parthasarathy temple in Triplicane, the

story goes that Mahalakshmi appeared as Vedavalli and was

brought by sage Bhrigu. The Lord comes later and marries

Her, and is also worshipped in the temple as Ranganatha.

So whether it is an archa (idol) form or whether it is an

avatara, nothing stands between the Divine Couple. They always remain united.