The Lord resides here

“The dweller in the body of everyone is eternal,” says the

Gita. It is unwise to grieve over the inevitable loss of the

body and the advice is to be concerned about the welfare

of the immortal atma within. Many have expressed their

views on this issue.

The argument put forth by some runs thus: ‘Is it

worthwhile to attach any importance at all to the

perishable body which is a burden to the soul?’

Saint Tirumoolar mulls over this unique blend in every

being and ofers his solution to the dilemma facing all,

pointed out Dr. Sudha Seshaiyan in a discourse.

The saint confesses that he had regarded the body as full

of faults. But he soon realises the all-pervading presence of

the infinite Lord in the very soul that the body houses. He

looks upon this phenomenon in a new angle. Is not the

body a temple in which the infinite Lord resides? By taking

care of it, the life of the Lord in it is also protected. It is

God’s unique gift to each one.

The purpose of attaining the body is to attain realisation.

One’s lifetime becomes meaningless if when the body dies,

the soul has failed to gain awareness of its immortal nature.

So Tirumoolar advises that when the life is still within

the body, one has to aim to achieve the purpose of the

body, namely attaining realisation.

The value of the body becomes clear when one strives to

be ever aware of the soul within the body as the very

presence of the infinite Almighty.

Inner purity is gained when one directs the mind that

strays to worldly objects towards the indwelling Lord.

This mental discipline or yoga confers insight or

wisdom that can free one from further births and evil