Acharya’s 108 names

Vaduga Nambi praised Ramanujacharya through 108
different names, each of which suits the Acharya, said

Aravindalochanan in a discourse. Each of the names recalls a particular incident in the Acharya’s life, or one of the Acharya’s traits, showing why he is referred to by that name. The 31st name that Vaduga Nambi gives to his Acharya refers to Ramanuja’s connection with Peria Nambi. Every Sri Vaishnava wears the symbols of discus and conch on his shoulders. He is then taught Ashtakshara mantras, Dvaya mantra and Charama sloka by his Acharya.

These three mantras are known as Rahasyatraya.

Ramanuja left Kanchipuram for Srirangam to meet Peria

Nambi, because Lord Varadaraja of Kanchipuram had

instructed him to seek instruction from Peria Nambi.

In the meanwhile, Peria Nambi himself had set forth for

Kanchipuram from Srirangam. The two met at madurantakam, and Ramanuja asked Peria Nambi to teach

him. Peria Nambi said they should go either to Kanchi or to

Srirangam, before he would teach Ramanuja. But Ramanuja asked, “What if my worldly life were to end before we reach either of these two places? So teach me here.” Peria Nambi then taught Ramanuja in Madurantakam. The 32nd name talks of Lord Sourirajan of the temple of Tirukannapuram. The Lord’s feet are like a lotus, and Ramanuja is like a bee that sucks nectar from a lotus. In other words, Ramanuja delights in being near the lotus-like feet of the Lord. The 33rd name says Ramanuja holds the staf that all sanyasis must hold. It was Varadaraja who gave Ramanuja ochre robes of a sanyasi and the staff that an ascetic must hold. The 34th name says Ramanuja is one who knows Brahman. The next name says he worships Brahman always.