Love for God

Saint Vallalar prays for the company of the right people. He

does not want to be associated with gossips, liars or those

who argue all the time. He wants nothing but to sing the

praises of Lord Shanmukha, who resides in the temple of

Kanda Kottam, in the city of Chennai, elaborated M.A.

Manickavelu in a discourse. Vallalar’s unshakeable faith in

the Lord is evident in every verse of his Deiva Mani Malai.

Such faith comes naturally to the jnani.

Vivekananda saw an idol of Lord Krishna being taken in

a procession. “Look! Krishna is walking towards us!”

Vivekananda exclaimed to the man beside him. But the

man was skeptical. So Vivekananda put his hand on his

shoulder and the man immediately saw Krishna walking

towards them! But the moment Vivekananda took his

hands o the man’s shoulders, he no longer saw Krishna,

but only an idol. That is because only jnanis can see God.

When Vivekananda met Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, he

had a question for him. Vivekananda asked him if he had

seen God.

To this Ramakrishna replied: “Yes, I have seen God. I

have seen Him as clearly as I now see you.” No one had

ever made such an assertion to Vivekananda and he was

amazed at the statement. Ramakrishna further said that

one can even talk to God.

People shed tears over their relatives. But how many

shed tears to have a glimpse of God? If one cries for God,

one can see him, assured Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna

himself used to weep when he worshipped Goddess Kali.

Saint Manickavachagar says in a verse that if one cries, one

can reach Him.

Sundarar says that even if he forgot Lord Siva, his tongue

would go on chanting His name.