Impact of Rama avatar

During Rama and Krishna avatars, which are considered

Poorna avatars, the Lord assumes a human form and lives

among human beings, subjecting Himself to the pressures

of life. This enables people to get a glimpse of the limitless

nature of His auspicious qualities and provides many

opportunities to learn the values in life and seek salvation

as well, pointed out Oragadam Sri Lakshmi Narasimha

Swamy in a discourse.

All the azhwars have sung the glory of Rama.

Nammazhwar in particular, who has sung on all the

incarnations of the Lord and is known for his penchant for

Krishna avatar, is wonder-struck by the unique graces of


He is overwhelmed that the Lord who is not bound by

any karma is born as Rama to alleviate the suferings of the

people. Has he not undergone more suferings than what

most of us face in life, he asks. Though the heir to the

throne of Ayodhya, Rama leaves the city and goes in search

of the rakshasas who are bent upon harassing innocent

people. He protects the people from the demons and vows

to grant salvation to all who surrender to Him.

Valmiki, who is contemporaneous with the period of

Rama avatar, is inspired to write the story of Rama and

bequeath this valuable repertoire of never ending

inspiration for the entire humanity.

Having heard of His greatness through the Ramayana,

will anyone hesitate to worship Him, asks Nammazhwar.

The azhwar exhorts people to emulate Rama, for there is

none better than Rama from whom one can learn whatever

needs to be learnt. Such has been the impact of His life that

He conferred the highest status to every being and every

object, animate or inanimate, without any exception.