Intercession of Grace

Bhakti is the bhava or intense feeling of love to God. The

Lord looks for the love and devotion in the heart and is not

concerned about anything else. Intense yearning for Him

alone is the path for the devout. Arunagirinathar sings in ecstasy thus: “If calling out to Muruga even once with love and devotion strengthens that devotion in one’s heart, his name and his grace shall descend and surely protect the devotee.” Such is the intensity of faith, devotion and fervour that overflows from this grateful devotee who has been the direct recipient of Muruga’s grace,

pointed out Sri Va Ve Subramaniam in a discourse.

Arunagirinathar’s life had been a chequered one until the

time Muruga intervened to bless him. It is said that he

repented for his past life and tried to engage in meditation of Lord Muruga. But he was unable to sustain it and decided to end his life by falling of from a Gopuram of the

Tiruvannamalai temple. Muruga then held Arunagirinathar

in his arms and saved him from death. He gave him a direct

vision of His glory and imparted the highest jnana to him. He also granted him the gifts of poesy and Arunagirinathar was thus able to compose excellent and inspiring hymns in

adoration of Muruga.

Many truths of life are conveyed in the prolific songs of

this saint that airm the fact that though fate is powerful, by

the force of divine Sankalpa an individual can be elevated

from the mundane life towards realisation. Faith is strong

when man’s ego is eliminated. But this ego is ingrained as a

strong root and its removal is possible only with God’s grace.

Arunagirinathar lived the life of a devotee ever absorbed

in awareness of God and his songs motivate many towards

the path of devotion.