In praise of Sudarsana

Vaishnavite Acharya Nadadur Ammal, who lived in

Kanchipuram, set of for Kashmir, to lay out the salient

features of Visishtadvaita in the Sarada Peetham in Kashmir.

He had covered only a short distance, when trouble came

from unexpected quarters.There lived in Arcot, a rich man, whose help travellers always sought. But Nadadur Ammal did not ask him for help. Angered by this, he recited some mantras, which caused some of Nadadur Ammal’s disciples to come down with a stomach ache. But Nadadur Ammal asked for Sudarsana’s help, and the discus cured them all of their stomach ache.

The rich man, realising his mistake, donated the entire

village to Nadadur Ammal, said V.S. Karunakarachariar, in a

discourse. Nadadur Ammal composed verses in praise of the Lord’s discus — Sudarsana. He addresses Sudarsana as the chief of all the Lord’s weapons. He says the discus is an ornament adorning the hand of Lakshmi’s Consort. But how can a weapon be an ornament? Sudarsana is a weapon that

destroys in the eyes of those who are opposed to the Lord.

But in the eyes of His devotees, it is an ornament in the hand of the Lord. The Lord has five weapons — conch, discus, bow, sword and mace. Nadadur Ammal says of all these the discus is the most important. He refers to Sudarsana as the one who burnt Kasi. The reference here is to the occasion when Sudarsana burnt the city of Kasi, because the king of Kasi had dared to send an ogre against Krishna. Unless one worships Sudarsana, one cannot control the mind.

The mind travels to the past and the future, and is never

quiet for a minute. Sudarsana also travels across periods of

time, and only he can help control the mind.