Embodiment of wisdom

The advent of Muruga, believed to be born from the third eye

of Siva, and hence regarded on a par with his father, has

added a new dimension to faith. Like his father Siva, he is

also engaged in removing ignorance and pride that are

hurdles to realisation, pointed out Sri Va Ve Subramaniam in

a discourse.

The epithet Jnana Pandita describes Muruga’s influence as

a Guru to many of his devotees such as Avvaiyar,

Arunagirinathar, Pamban Swamigal, etc, and the vast

literature on his life and exploits is most inspiring.

Ignorance is removed by jnana even as darkness is

dispelled by light. The way of imparting jnana and the way of

imbibing it are crucial. A disciple is truly blessed when the

Lord chooses to impart this directly to him for He alone has

the power to ignite the flame of jnana that lies hidden in the

deep recess of individuals. Even realised sages such as the

Sanat Kumaras, who are well-versed in the scriptures, know

that the highest knowledge lies beyond all what they know

and seek to be enlightened by Siva. It is significant that Siva

as Dakshinamurthy teaches the Sanatkumaras in the

language of silence. It indicates the profound quality of jnana

that is not to be analysed in words or theories. What is

important is that one has to meditate on the truth with total


Legend has it that Muruga as a boy once corners Brahma

for his ignorance of the import of the Pranava Mantra,

Omkara. When Siva comes to know of it, He chides him for

his act. He then demands if he knows the significance of

Omkara. The boy then explains it to Siva. Siva is glad that his

son is really endowed with the highest jnana and is capable

of removing ignorance in people.