Effect of Grace

During Krishna avatar, many are drawn to the child

knowingly or unknowingly and this contact provides a way

to salvation to all of them, whatever be their intention,

pointed out Sri B. Sundarkumar in a discourse.

Putana comes to Gokula disguised an attractive woman

with the evil intention of destroying child Krishna. Suka calls her entry one ‘by chance’ to indicate the Lord’s Sankalpa to save many new-born babes from her clutches. She begins to feed the child, not aware of what is in store for her. Krishna embraces her breast and His lotus feet keep kicking her chest. He drains the poison as well as the life out of her. As she struggles and gives up her life, she assumes her original demoniac form and her gigantic body lies sprawled for twelve miles around, smashing many trees. The people are relieved to see the child safe from the huge form of the lifeless Putana who could have easily harmed Him.

When the mortal remains of Putana are burnt, a fragrance

envelops the atmosphere. She attains an exalted status by

assuming the role of a mother even though her intent was

murderous. Contact with Krishna frees her body of all

contamination and surely indicates that those who meditate

on the Lord with faith and devotion are to be relieved from


Kamsa’s case is also of worthy of notice. He lives in mortal

dread of Krishna and his entire consciousness is filled with

thoughts of Krishna. Constant communion with the Lord is

the basis of all meditation and the Bhagavata Purana shows

that this can be not merely as a matter of devotion pure and simple or philosophical contemplation but also as a matter of any kind of personal relationships such as enmity, lust, or friendship.