Krishna and Yoga Maya

Suka describes the prologue to Krishna avatar to show the

extent of careful planning that goes into it. It is an auspicious occasion and the entire humanity is benefited by the two unique incarnations of Krishna and Yoga Maya that take place simultaneously, said Sri B. Sundarkumar in a discourse.

Brahma, along with Earth in the form of a cow, Siva and

others approach Lord Vishnu for help to relieve the burden

and havoc caused by the asuras and the wicked people. The

Lord assures them of His help and makes known His

Sankalpa. He would be born in Vasudeva’s house and the

celestial beings would be born among the Yadus to assist

Him. The rishis would be born as cows and the entire

universe would be involved in this avatar.

He decides that along with Him, the power of His Yoga

Maya, who is the cause of delusion in this universe, would

also be born to assist Him. She is first assigned the task of

transferring the seventh child growing in Devaki’s womb to

the womb of one of Vasudeva’s wives Rohini, who lives a

concealed life in Gokula out of fear of Kamsa. This child

would be known as Balarama and people would surmise that

Devaki’s seventh child did not survive. The Lord would then

enter Devaki’s womb as the eighth child and at the same time Yoga Maya should enter the womb of Yasodha. He would be brought up by Nandagopa and Yasodha in Gokula while Yoga Maya would foil Kamsa’s attempt to kill the eighth child of Devaki. He makes sure that when Yoga Maya escapes from Kamsa’s hold she should warn him adequately of His presence. The Lord bestows on Yoga Maya the powers to bless and help those who propitiate her with faith and