Intuitive perception

Except for some realised souls, many do not comprehend the Lord’s greatness or experience His divine play that is

possible because of His Maya during His incarnations. But

two women, Tara and Mandodari, are able to intuitively

perceive the Supreme Lord behind the human form of as

Rama, said Srimati Prema Pandurang in a discourse.

Tara senses Rama’s greatness and warns Vali who is

getting ready to answer Sugriva’s call for a combat. She

guesses that Sugriva would not dare to challenge Vali

without some strong support and backing. Sugriva must be

confident of the prowess of his ally. She tells Vali that she

heard from Angadha that two princes from Ayodhya, Rama

and Lakshmana, who had come to Kishkinta, had befriended

Sugriva. Rama had come to live in the forest to uphold His

father’s word. In her opinion, Rama is not just a valiant

warrior and prince who can vanquish enemies. She sees

Rama as the as the same Lord who incarnates to protect the

good and destroy the evil. He is none other than the Supreme Being who is the refuge of those who are in difficult straits and have no other support. He upholds the highest dharma, is a repository of good qualities and possesses undying fame.

Tara reiterates to Vali that it would not be beneficial for him to bear enmity towards Rama. Later when Vali is slain and she confronts Rama, her words echo the insightful

revelations characteristic of the seers in the Upanishads.

She extols His enigmatic nature which makes Him

unapproachable to human thought and word and adds that

His Supremacy and Saulabhya are revealed in His human

form. Likewise, Mandodari, lamenting the death of Ravana,

proclaims that Rama is no other than Vishnu in human form,

the Lord who is birthless and deathless.