He loves jnanis

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna about four

categories of people who are virtuous, said Valayapet

Ramachariar in a discourse.

There are those who have lost wealth and pray to the Lord

to restore their wealth. Then there are those who are first

time seekers of wealth who approach the Lord. The third

category consists of those who want to experience the self.

The fourth category consists of jnanis, and they are

dearest to the Lord. They have immense love for Him. He

reciprocates through His love for them. The love they bear

for each other is infinite.

The jnani knows that he has to find happiness only in

seeking Him and not in experiencing the self. The jnani is

impatient to reach the feet of the Lord and brooks no delays.

Those who approach the Lord for material joys will move

away from the Lord once their prayers have been answered.

They will probably come back again to Him only when they

seek something else from Him.

But the jnani seeks moksha, the opportunity to serve the

Lord in His abode — Sri Vaikuntha. And this is not a

transitory boon like other boons.

Usually, when we visit a town, we stay there until we get

bored or are made to feel unwelcome and want to return


Or we hurry back to our place of residence if the town we

are visiting is an unpleasant place. But none of these can be

said of Sri Vaikuntha. One will not feel tire of it; nor will one be chased out.

And since there can be no place better than Sri Vaikuntha,

there is no question of our wanting to come back. So what

the jnani seeks is the best boon anyone can ask for.