Net that traps Him

Poet Kambar, describing the story of Prahlada in his Kamba

Ramayanam, says that if an atom is divided into many parts, Lord Narayana will be found in every one of them.

Manickavachagar, in his Tiruvachagam, says that Lord Siva

resides in the smallest of particles. Thus both express a

similar idea, except that the deity mentioned in each case is different. Manickavachagar is ecstatic in his descriptions of Lord Siva, said K. Sambandan in a discourse. He says that

Lord Siva is the melody of the lute; He is beyond words, and

cannot be understood by our thinking. How then is one to

attain Him? Karaikkal Ammaiyar says that you cannot reach

Him by reading books. Manickavachagar also says the same.

But, He can be easily caught in a net, and that is the net of

bhakti. He is moved by the bhakti of His devotees, and then

He is attained easily. In fact, He goes out of the way to help

those who believe in Him.

Sundarar’s marriage to Sangili Nachiar earned for him the

anger of Paravai Nachiar, Sundarar’s first wife. Paravai

Nachiar refused to admit Sundarar into her house. To help

His devotee, Lord Siva Himself went to Paravai Nachiar’s

house to intercede on his behalf. Lord Siva, whose feet are

extolled by saints and sages, walked the streets of Thiruvarur for the sake of Sundarar. What could have resulted in this but the bhakti of Sundarar? “I have seen His feet!” exclaims Manickavachagar, in his Tiruvachagam. He was able to see the Lord’s feet because of his bhakti. It is said Ramakrishna Paramahamsa conversed with Goddess Kali. This too was possible only because of his

bhakti. Such things are possible for jivanmuktas like

Manickavachagar and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.