Acharyas conquer too

It is not just the Lord who conquers everyone with His supremacy. Acharyas too conquer others with their jnana, said Akkarakkani Srinidhi in a discourse.

Nampillai’s religious discourses were well attended. But Naduvil Thiruveedi Pillai’s discourses did not attract such crowds. And he was, therefore, mildly envious of Nampillai. One day, Naduvil Thiruveedi Pillai went to meet the king. The King said “Rama declared Himself a human being in the Ramayana. How then could He grant moksha to Jatayu?” Naduvil Thiruveedi Pillai had no answer to the king’s query. It so happened that a disciple of Nampillai was in the court that day. So Naduvil Thiruveedi Pillai asked him how Nampillai would have answered the king’s question. The disciple said “Because Rama was the embodiment of

truthfulness, His words could not turn out to be contrary to
the truth. So when He promised moskha to Jatayu, His words

automatically granted moksha to Jatayu. That is the power of satya, using which Rama had already conquered all the worlds, including Sri Vaikuntha.”

Another person, who also gave discourses, had a doubt about a verse in Nammazhvar’s Thiruviruttam. He knew he had to consult Nampillai, but he didn’t want anyone to see him doing that. So he covered his face with a veil and knocked on Nampillai’s door. Nampillai said to him: “Is it such and such a verse that has brought you here?” Thus even without the man telling him the purpose of his visit, Nampillai knew the purpose, and thus he earned the respect of the visitor.

The Lord wins over to His side those who are opposed Him or are indiferent to Him. Likewise Acharyas too win over to their side those who are opposed to them.