Words of wisdom

Wise thoughts on human nature, the way of life of people,

etc, abound in the Ramayana and are presented through

characters such as Sumantra, Vasishta and Sumitra to name a few, said Velukkudi Sri Krishnan in a discourse.

Amid the pall of gloom in Ayodhya at the point of

departure of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita to the forest,

Sumantra and Vasishta gives vent to their anger on Kaikeyi,

while Dasaratha remains mute, being bound by his word of


By placing her son’s interests above her husband’s she has

transgressed Manu dharma. She has brought ignominy on

both Ayodhya and Kekaya. In her short-sightedness she has

miscalculated that Bharata will be the ruler. Nor has she

understood her son’s noble nature that is bound to dharma.

Cannot Kaikeyi see that the people of Ayodhya will quit the

place and go along with Rama? Bharata will not have any

subjects to rule over. This is the situation faced by Kusa and

Lava after Rama leaves for His abode in Vaikunta, says the

Uttara Kanda. What has she achieved, except the ill-will of

all and her own son’s wrath? In fact, the life of penance which Rama takes up will also be Bharata’s.

Sumitra is a realised soul and hence is able to view events

and people in a balanced manner. When Lakshmana takes

leave of her, her advice to him is most praiseworthy. She is

proud of Lakshmana for the devotion he shows to his brother and appreciates his desire to serve Rama and guard Him. She is happy that Lakshmana upholds the dharma of the race which is to regard the elder brother as both preceptor and king. She tells him that henceforth Rama and Sita are his very father and mother. Even the forest will then become Ayodhya in all respects.