Staunch Krishna devotee

The Lord’s incarnations serve to make known His auspicious

qualities of compassion to the jivatmas and His impartiality

towards all, irrespective of individual virtue or sin. But He is also open about His relationship with His devotees, for He

states that the devotee who loves Him selflessly is closest to His heart, pointed out Srimati Jaya Srinivasan in a lecture.

His all-knowing and all-powerful and all-pervasive nature

never misses even a random thought wave that crosses the

mind of every jivatma. That devotee who has implicit faith

and trust in Him is sure to feel His presence at all times and

is ever grateful for His unfailing help.

This is seen in Draupadi’s equation with Krishna. Krishna

has always shown a singular concern for her and has helped

her whenever she faces a crisis. When her modesty is

outraged in the Kaurava court, she cries for help to Krishna

and this plea is answered in the most astonishing manner

ever. Once Durvasa visits the Pandavas in the forest along

with his retinue and wishes to be served food. Draupadi is in

a fix as the Akshayapatra cannot be used for the day.

Krishna comes to her rescue and the Pandavas are saved from the sage’s wrath. There is a story about how Rukmini and Satyabama used to wonder at Krishna’s penchant for Draupadi. What is the reason for this partiality? Is Draupadi really so devout? Does she worship, or observe vows and penance? Sensing this, Krishna clears their unvoiced doubt by taking them with Him to see her in the forest. He asks His wives to comb Draupadi’s hair and then they realise that the comb is quivering and on listening attentively, they realise that even every strand of her hair utters the name of Krishna. So staunch is her devotion to Krishna.