Bali’s graces

The Upanishads reiterate that the entire creation is the
Lord’s. Brahman pervades all of it and everything in it
belongs to Him. But during a jivatma’s lifetime, the tendency to consider objects or people as belonging to oneself takes root and makes one possessive and proud. This happens in the case of Bali who exults in his victory over the celestial beings and takes possession of the kingdom of Indra who in turn is rendered homeless and seeks the Lord’s help. The Lord’s incarnation as Vamana/Trivikrama at this juncture illustrates many truths on the status of a jivatma’s relationship with the Paramatma, said Sri Muralidhara Swamigal in a discourse.

The Lord is born as Vamana in the form of a diminutive
brahmachari and straightaway reaches Bali’s yaga shala. The very Lord of the universe humbly stands at the entrance to partake of Bali’s hospitality. Impressed by the captivating form of Vamana, Bali wishes to honour Him handsomely. But he is baled by the Lord’s request for a mere three steps of land. Sukracharya cautions Bali. But Bali proceeds to formally give whatever Vamana wishes. All material possessions which Bali ofers are not what God wants. In fact all these do not belong to Bali for he did not create even a grain of sand to call his own. Only when this truth is fully imbibed can one experience a total sense of humility. God looks for true love and devotion which alone can displace the sense of ‘I’ and ‘Mine.’ When Bali offers his head he has conquered this delusion and stands on the righteous path. So the Lord shows that the entire creation is on a par with His true bhakta. He does not kill Bali but sends him to Sutala region and till date He personally protects the entire place.