Question answer session

Performance of elaborate yagas will tire out the performer.
So provision was made for a discussion, where Brahma asks
questions and the oiciating priest answers. Brahma here
does not mean the creator. It means a ritvik – a learned
scholar. Each of the answers has an inner meaning as well,
said V.S. Karunakarachariar in a discourse.

Brahma asks what the foremost need of everyone is and
hota answers that it is the sky, which gives us rains. Those
who hear this answer will never experience a drought. Who
is very old, asks Brahma, and the answer is that it is Lord
Narayana, the One who is all pervasive. Those who hear this
answer will attain proximity to Him.

What makes people glow? Money makes people glow is
the answer. The result that comes from hearing this answer
is that the listener will enjoy good and healthy food, for after all it is healthy food that makes us glow. Who goes alone?

The Sun goes alone. Although he has his chariot, it is his
brilliance that is unique and eye catching.
But when the processional deity of Lord Narayana comes
out of a temple, even the Sun’s brilliance seems dim, like a
lamp lit during the day.

Who is born again? The Moon is born again, because it
waxes and wanes, and each time it grows it appears fresh. He who hears this answer will be blessed with long life. What is the medicine for cold weather? Agni is the medicine for cold weather.

The inner meaning is that our ignorance is a fog, and the
Acharya who leads us out of this fog is the Agni we need. He
who hears this answer will seek out a good Acharya and
learn Ashtakshara mantra from him and be liberated.