Hymn for protection

Periazhwar is fully aware that the Lord is beyond the evil
effects that affect us, and that it is because of His protection that all jivatmas are held in the cycle of birth. Yet he is moved by an overwhelming devotion that makes him sing the Tiruppallandu for the Lord, and he prays that the Lord should live forever and that none should cast evil eyes on Him. Likewise, Andal experiences a rare emotion that is a mix of devotion to the Lord and fear for His safety when she recalls His incarnations where He is forever engaged in protecting the good from evil forces. She too sings Tiruppallandu to the Lord with the same fervour and
concern, said Velukkudi Sri Krishnan in a lecture.

What could be a greater wonder than the Lord’s
incarnation as Vamana to beg three steps of land from Bali
and His transformation as Trivikrama to prove His
supremacy over the entire universe, sings Andal praising His
auspicious feet. So too she celebrates His prowess in walking the entire stretch of land from Ayodhya to Lanka to kill Ravana.

More wonderful is the child Krishna’s playful act of
kicking the cart which turned out to be Chakatasura, or the
manner in which He does away with the two asuras who
come in the form of a calf and a wood apple.

But what could be more gracious than His treatment of
Indra who turned a foe when the oferings were denied to
him? Krishna held the Govardhana for seven days against the lashing rains and also humbled Indra who came to realise the Lord’s all pervasive quality in the entire creation.

Andal then sings in praise of the glory of the spear held in
His hand which is the symbol of protection against all evil.